Hey! I'm Bas, a sound designer for video games and currently based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I love telling stories with sound and the challenges interactive game audio provide, and I firmly believe that in game audio the technical and creative process should amplify each other.

During my study in Music & Technology at the University of Art in Utrecht I worked on interactive sound art with programs like Max/MSP & Pure Data, composed music for theatre and film and eventually settled down as sound designer for video games.

When I'm not working on sound design I love to explore, cycle and hike. I'm always armed with a microphone to record the sound jewels I encounter. These sounds are often used in my work as a sound designer.


Ableton Live, Cubase, iZotope RX, Max/MSP, Pure Data
Unity, basic C#, Unreal Engine 4, Blueprints, FMOD, Wwise
GitHub, Perforce, Slack, Milanote, Trello, Notion